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Professional Clearing, Forwarding and Transport Services
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  • Freight Forwarding
    Our freight forwarding experts bring you that level of personalized customer service and focus on keeping you compliant that is so many times lost among the global freight forwarders.
    No need to call into call centers to figure out where your freight is.
  • Our Capacity
    Currently handling about 400 containers per month for the local market and the East African Region. With our help, your exports will be professionally managed leaving you free to operate your business.
  • Transhipment of goods at Mombasa port/airport
    We will make sure it gets delivered to you with great care. This includes goods destined for neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC. You will receive cost savings through our global network of reliable EACL freight carriers.
    For goods destined within the country, this includes anything you'd wish to import including a car, multiple commodities, construction equipments or electronics. Our competitive rates and a local presence to ensure you get the best service and coverage possible.
Mission Statement
To provide reliable, efficient and quality service to our clients at all times with the aim of not only exceeding our client’s expectations, but ensuring that each time our service is better than the last.
Welcome to East Africa Cargo Logistics LTD
Professional Clearing, Forwarding and Transport Services
Established in 2005, EAST AFRICA CARGO LOGISTICS has continued to provide professional clearing and forwarding services to its clients.
We are headquartered along Nkrumah road, just about 4Km from the port of Mombasa; which is also known as the Kilindini harbor, the largest in east and central Africa.
We also offer other important related services to our clients such as advise on preparation of final import/export related documents, completion of appraisement and examination formalities and payments.
We have experience in handling all sorts of imports and Exports whether temporary or on permanent basis cleared on payment of taxes, those covered by various bonds or on approved tax exemptions
About Us
N.S.S.F Building 12th Floor, Nkrumah Road, Mombasa Kenya | Email: info@eastafricacargo.com
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