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Professional Clearing, Forwarding and Transport Services
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Mission Statement
To provide reliable, efficient and quality service to our clients at all times with the aim of not only exceeding our client’s expectations, but ensuring that each time our service is better than the last.
Welcome to East Africa Cargo Logistics LTD
Professional Clearing & Forwarding and Transport Services
Established in 2005, EAST AFRICA CARGO LOGISTICS has continued to provide professional clearing and forwarding services to its clients.
We are headquartered along Nkrumah road, just about 4Km from the port of Mombasa; which is also known as the Kilindini harbor, the largest in east and central Africa.
We also offer other important related services to our clients such as advise on preparation of final import/export related documents, completion of appraisement and examination formalities and payments.
We have experience in handling all sorts of imports and Exports whether temporary or on permanent basis cleared on payment of taxes, those covered by various bonds or on approved tax exemptions.
From the Director
Thank you for taking your time to go through our website. East Africa Cargo Logistics Limited is one of the leading clearing and forwarding companies in the Eastern Africa region.
We have the capacity to handle virtually any consignment, and the experience to pay attention to the smallest detail in order to provide you a customized service second to none.
I hope our website will provide you with all enough information about our company and our services.
Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information. We welcome you to try our services.

Thank you.
Transport Services
As ever our mission is to enable our clients connect and operate pivotal aspects of their business more efficiently and economically.
In this effort we have judiciously invested in our own fleet of trucks and formed EAST AFRICA TRASNPORT LOGISTICS LIMITED to provide in house transport to our clients.
East Africa Transport Logistics (EATL) operates as an autonomous transport division within East Africa Cargo Logistics (EACL) to provide transport services exclusively to our clients as a extension of our clearing and forwarding services.
We call it total customer service. This increases our efficiency and enables us meet the expectations of our customers without compromising on overall quality of services & commitment. Having an in house transport service means the following to our clients:

1. Ultra-competitive rates.
2. Protection from thefts pilferage or sabotage.
3. Guaranteed on-time delivery.
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