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Clearing & Forwarding
We offers professional customs clearing and forwarding services at the Seaport and Airports through highly professional, qualified and experienced staff. The smooth coordination between the transport department and our Clearing & Forwarding department enables delivery of services efficiently giving us a competitive edge in terms of both performance and cost.
Our offices are equipped with modern communications facilities to enable Import and Exports to be handled professionally from documentation to release.
We are licenced to clear goods destined for: Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania through the SCT.
Cargo will be cleared under the single Customs Territory (SCT) and the payment of taxes done at the point of entry.This is done either through entry for home consumption regime where duties are paid upfront at the point of entry or through the warehousing regime where goods are cleared for warehousing and taxes paid later
For Goods destined within the Country, this includes anything you'd wish to import including a car, multiple commodities, construction equipments or electronics.
We will make sure it gets delivered to you with great care. This includes goods destined for neighboring countries such as Uganda, Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.
We offer clearing and forwarding services for exports within East Africa region and also to the international markets including India, China, Europe the Americas etc.
We also handle airfreight exports and imports at various International airports in Kenya , Uganda and Rwanda
Freight Forwarding
We have a vast experience in the Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Documentation and transportation which enhances our services and enable us to provide a complete solution to our clients’ freight forwarding needs. We strive to offer the most efficient means of transportation to all destinations at the fairest possible cost.
Our Capacity
We are currently handling about 400 containers per month for the local market and the East African Region. The steadfast growth our company has experienced within five years of incorporation is a testimony to the quality of service we offer.
When it is about cargo- always go to the cargo people. By coming to EACL, you would have taken one of the steps of ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on time. You will find people who understand your needs and priorities, and the importance of your cargo. More importantly, you will find people who know perfectly how to handle your cargo.
The warehousing departments is run by qualified managers and assisted by support staff who never hesitate to go an extra mile to ensure the clients’ cargo is handled without a hitch.
Shipping Agency
Given our existing large clientele and facilities, this department is well on its way to reach unprecedented heights. Through E-mail, Telephone, Fax and Internet, our worldwide representatives are kept informed of the daily operations.
EACL Warehouse’s flexible warehousing solutions feature strategically located distribution facilities in Kenya. Our unique partnership with the local rail road company and road transport facilities allows us the ability to quickly move the goods within our facilities.
We serve hundreds of clients in a variety of industries, including industrial, electronic & high tech, food and consumer products industries. We also have cold room facilities for items that are to be stored in a certain degree as per specified under the incorterms.
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